Stand Taller~Live Longer
An Anti-Aging Strategy
Keep your body active and pain-free in 10 minutes a day
The Stand Taller~Live Longer 7-week program will strengthen your posture to keep you moving well and pain-free. Dr. Steven Weiniger, internationally recognized expert on posture and anti-aging, combines cutting-edge research and interactive demonstrations to progressively build a daily posture exercise routine that is right for your body.

Stand Taller~Live Longer is an anti-aging strategy which can truly make a difference not only in how your body moves today, but also how you'll move 20, 30 and even 40 years from now.

Do you want to be active in your 50s? 60s?
What about in your 80s?

  • Ever caught your reflection in a mirror and seen a parent...or grandparent?
  • Is your “computer-bound” lifestyle causing bad posture?
  • Do you live in fear of "moving wrong" and suffering an episode of low back pain?
  • Ever felt you "just can't straighten up"?
  • Frustrated because your body just doesn't perform like it used to?
  • Are you concerned about poor posture and the way you look?

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Dr. Steven P. Weiniger has trained thousands of doctors and health professionals to first rehab injuries and then help their patients keep moving well as they age with StrongPosture
exercise protocols.